Saturday, September 09, 2006

House hunting instead?

Somehow, between the crappy apartments and the high cost of rent, Adam and I found ourselves in a loan officer's office last week discussing the possibility of buying a place of our own. We qualify for some good programs for first-time buyers, and because of that, it looks like we might be able to turn this dream into reality! We've already been pre-approved, so now we just have to cinch our belts and find a place. Keep in mind, we won't be buying anything big or flashy--this is still the bay area--so we're looking for a 1 bd 1 ba condo. We looked at 6 places today. All had potential, but we found out after the fact that the first five do not allow dogs! It's crazy to me that you can buy a place and still have to conform to renter's rules. Grr. But with the help of Kristen's dad, who just happens to be our handy agent/accountant, we found a really promising place about 2 miles from our current apartment that has been completely remodeled. It will have all new flooring, appliances, cabinets, and paint; it has fitness centers and pools; it allows pets (yea, Drew can come live with us soon!); AND most importantly, it is in our price range!

Wish us luck!

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