Wednesday, March 14, 2007

And on it goes

Everything is blooming beautifully here. I guess spring is upon us. I sure enjoy my daily walks with Drew more now that the weather is warmer.

Nothing much to write about today. I worked on my first chapter and made a few important changes. The work is going painfully slow because it's hard to add the detail I need to add without upsetting the balance of the writing that is already done, and thus I end up spending copious amounts of time tinkering with wording, moving sentences around, etc, etc. It is going well, just slow.

We watched The Departed last night and it was pretty good. The ending surprised me, though it probably shouldn't have if you look at the relevance of the title. I loved Mark Wahlberg's character. Such a potty mouth, but so hilarious.

The husband doesn't regularly read the blog, even with much arm-twisting, so I must assume he's grumpy for not being featured more regularly. Note to self: must rectify that. Speaking of the hubbers, he called me at lunch today from an Irish pub in San Francisco. He was up there for a work conference (and don't go feeling sorry for him, he wanted to go). It was in downtown SF, and he called to brag because he was in a pub in SF and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. I'll admit, I was a bit jealous, except the fact that you couldn't pay me to go to a conference about energy conservation in HVAC (okay I'm lying, I'd take the money and bring a book). When I asked him if he was having a beer, he paused and said "does Guinness count?" Since Guinness is the chosen beer of the Irish and they drink it like water there, obviously it doesn't count as beer. Right? RIGHT?!? Silly me, what was I thinking. I guess based on that logic, he won't be drinking come St Patty's this weekend.

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Joseph R. Ruthruff said...

How high-maintenance of The Husband. He is mentioned in comments every once in a while. But I guess he wouldn't know that...

Adam might be drinking Green beer this weekend instead of Guinness. But maybe that isn't considered beer either for some weird reason. (I could make fun of someone else right now, but I won't.)