Friday, March 16, 2007

Good News...

The Husband had his annual work review today and got promoted to Senior Mechanical Engineer! I probably shouldn't post about this on the blog, but I'm too excited so if he calls to tell you, pretend you don't already know (and since my primary readers are traveling, they may hear it from him first anyway). Hurrah! I told him I feel old being married to a *Senior* Engineer. Of course, with our birthdays coming up in the next three weeks, we are getting old. (I know 26 isn't that old, but it feels old, especially with one sister graduating high school in June and another turning 16. He is old at 27 though. ;))

Today was an interesting day for me writing-wise. I had more inspiration this morning than I usually do in the early morning and finished a section I was laboring over yesterday, which was good. However, the boy (aka Drew), not happy with being a good boy all week decided to start causing problems. I gave him his breakfast at 8am like usual, and he ate it all in one sitting, which is not usual, so I figured he'd have to poo pretty bad in an hour. He rang the bell to go potty (we trained him to ring a bell on the door when he has to go...) about 9am (right on time), but nothing. Again an hour later, and nothing. I was starting to get irritated because I was trying to get my work done and he was all hyped up because he hadn't gone yet and he was in a playful mood. On the third time I gave him extra time outside to make sure he went, and even got him to run around (usually running guarantees a poo) and still NOTHING. Adam came and went for lunch and Drew napped and chewed an entire 6-inch rawhide through the afternoon until finally at 4pm he rang the bell again. When he went outside, he still wasn't going for it, so I ran him around the parking lot and finally FINALLY he pooed. Thank goodness. I believe the poor boy was constipated and mommy got irritated with him for no good reason. Such is my life. (Sorry for all the poo-talk, but if I have to deal with it, you get to hear about it!)

This is Drew after his operation last week.
He's quite charming on drugs.

I did get more work done this afternoon, but mostly I was finalizing dates and details, so nothing too creative. I got poo-blocked. (Ugh, that sounds gross, sorry.)


Ross said...

Wow, "Senior" and your bday coming up make me feel old too. Not to mention I don't know if I can stay up to 1 am like you even with a good book. But I'm not as old as Adam, hehe.

Joseph R. Ruthruff said...

Angie! You may have a new regular reader! ;) Anyway, Adam's promotion rocks, Drew's balls and butt are clearly not back to normal, and we are all in our mid-20's. Yea!

Kristen said...

sounds like you have the same problems with drew as i do with joey.