Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Super Jack

Last night was 24, and it's interesting to see how much the current political climate influences this season. It's all vague allusions of course, but they seem so obvious to me! The VP, or veep as we'll call him, immediately claimed the title commander-in-chief like our own dear prez, which incidentally is only to be used during war time (and I believe he declared "mission accomplished" in May 2003) and they're not at war. Yet. The veep essentially declared war without consulting congress, which is a requirement; and he didn't want to invite Karen to the meeting because she disagreed with his policies. Odd, I thought that was a distinct part of a democracy: debate, disagreement, the voice of the people being heard and represented. It all rings a bit too true. Lucky for them, they have Jack. Duh duh duh duh!

As for my writing, I got nothin to say today. Bleh.

Left Drew alone in the house for the second time today (sad I know, but I refused to go through the stage where he ate half our house while pottying everywhere, so we put it off until he matured) and it went pretty well. He was a bit panicky, but he didn't destroy anything, unlike last time when he pulled all the poo bags out of his leash and tore them up (hid the leash this time obviously). So that's good. Hopefully by summer I'll be able to go work in a cafe for a few hours with no worries.

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