Friday, March 02, 2007


Thanks for the comments, Joey. Woo hoo, I have four comments now (not counting those fake advertising ones, of course)!
I have nothing really to post today. I'm feeling rubbish and snotty and I keep sneezing, or what's worse, almost sneezing, which gives no satisfaction at all and just makes your nose tickle. Hopefully I'll be feeling a bit better tomorrow because I have to haul my butt up to Oakland for a "Professional Survival Weekend" that I signed up for before I got ill. It's at Mills College--where some of you will remember I got accepted last year, without funding of course, which is why I am not a student this year--and there are 5 hour-long sessions (plus a lunch) regarding writing and careers, etc. It sounds interesting, but I'm afraid tomorrow my cough will kick in and I will spend the majority of the lectures trying desperately not to cough loudly, and of course you only get that really horrible tickle-in-your-throat cough when you absolutely should not cough. Such as in a library. Wish me luck.

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Joseph said...

If I would've read this, I wouldn't have asked you where the workshop thing was. ;) Anyway, let me know when I can cash in my frequent commenting miles for favors. Wait, what was that? I already owe you for setting me up with Kristen? Oh, okay, never mind.