Friday, April 06, 2007

Just a note:

I haven't updated my wordcount tracker in awhile, but I have been writing. Lately I've been writing on paper a lot to spark my creativity. Otherwise I've been editing and filling in my first chapter, which incidentally I want to throw out the window. It will be much easier to track my progress when it is typed and I can compare the wordcount for the original file to that of the current file. I'm not handcounting my words and updating just to keep you lot happy! Plus I don't want you to see how slowly I progress. This way one of these days you'll see my numbers jump drastically *surprise* and think "Well well, she's been writing like crazy, just look at that word jump!"

Oh, and I hate cakes. I am actually a good cook taste-wise, but I fail 100% on presentation. Since we have quite a few friends stopping by I wanted the cake to look good. Normally I fail at presentation because I have no patience. I start icing the cake before it's even cooled. This time I baked the cake a day early so I couldn't allow myself to ice it too early. So what does the stupid blighter do? It goes and falls into three pieces when I ease it out of the pan. Eurgh! Luckily only one layer did that so I can sneak it onto the bottom without too much attention. Of course those slices with "cracks" may not come out well. Oh! I almost forgot to mention, I'm making this cake special for the husband. Turns out he's been not lying to me exactly, but not admitting the truth all these years. I always thought German chocolate cake was his favorite and he never denied it, so of course I went on thinking that. This year he admitted he prefers lemon cake, or white cake, basically any cake over chocolate. He requested a white cake with raspberry filling, and dammit he's going to get it this time. Pretty or not.


Joseph R. Ruthruff said...

I would have thought that Adam would have learned that 100% honesty is the best policy. GOSH! Even I know that. Anyway, sounds like your Friday evening had more of a "party atmosphere" than mine and Kristen's. Hope it was fun.

Kristen said...

I missed a party? Again? This sucks.