Thursday, April 12, 2007

Literary goings-on

Two pieces of literary news today. Kurt Vonnegut died last night. And I'm ashamed to say--readerly Lit major that I am--I still have not ready any of his books, though they are on my ever-growing list of must-reads, especially Slaughterhouse-Five. (Very bad Angie!) Check out the New York Times obituary for more on his extraordinary life and work.
On a more positive note, lovers of Tolkien will rejoice that in five days the first "complete" JRR Tolkien book in three decades will be published. His son, Christopher Tolkien, has been gathering his papers for years, and this has culminated in the publication of The Children of Húrin. I for one am happily awaiting its release.
I suppose I should stop reading about other writers online and actually go back to my own writing, huh? Bleh. Well, that and calling apartments for friends, which is equally productive. ;)
Here's a thought to leave you with: If I am ever published, should I get a tweedy author photo with pipe and all so as to look intelligent a la Tolkien? Could definitely boost my (ahem) old white male readership...or not.


Kristen said...

You should most certainly take a tweed jacket/pipe portrait to cater to the elite, upper-class, white male audience...not! I make American funny, too!

I haven't read Slaughterhouse Five, either. And it's always on sale at Borders. Bad Kristen and Angie!

Andrew said...

A new Tolkein book :-o

Oh excellent, I shall have to get one clicking on Amazon. I am slightly behind the news - I have only just finished the Tolkein Biography published in 197x

Angie said...

Andrew, welcome and thanks for stopping by. :)