Friday, April 20, 2007

Poor me, etc.

My new doctor ordered me to get a blood test, so I went to do it this morning. Now, I'm not generally unnerved easily, blood doesn't bother me, I'm not a sympathy puker, or anything like that, but I do have an irrational fear of needles (and spiders, but that's not so irrational - all those legs and eyes, and eurgh!). I go weak-kneed at the sight of needles and just the thought of drawing blood or getting a shot unnerves me for some reason. Just last week my little sister got a tattoo and I was thinking about how I've always wanted one, except I can never decide where I would want it and what I would want it to be. (Slightly important.) After this morning, I'm rethinking the tattoo idea. How could I lay there while they poked me over and over with a needle? Really. Luckily my nurse was very sweet and took it easy on me. There's nothing worse than an uncaring nurse who jabs you heartily with the needle. I must have gone really pale because as soon as I sat down she said, "Oh honey, are you okay? I'll be gentle, I promise." That made it all a little easier. I had to fast for 12 hours before the test, which wasn't really a big deal except I'm always dizzy every morning when I wake up, so I was super dizzy by the time I got to the doctor and then after they took my blood I thought I might pass out. I did treat myself to my favorite scone and a latte afterwards as a reward. Anyway, I'm obviously fine, I'm just silly about needles.
When I was thinking of tattoos, I kept trying to think of a cool tattoo I could get, and not something that everyone has, or anything in a different language because you never know what it really says, and probably no flowers either. I want something meaningful to me. What is special to me? I thought of my husband, but I refuse to get a cheesy 'I heart husand' tat. The one thing I kept thinking of that is meaningful to me is writing and I really couldn't think of a cool way to represent that. "If I get published, I'll get a book tattoo"...hmm, bit nerdy, yes? And my best friend just nixed that idea anyway. Apparently not hard-core enough. ;) Maybe I'll get one when I turn 30...that gives me four years to come up with something meaningful, non-nerdy, and genuine.
And sorry for the rambling and poor editing, I did just lose blood you know!

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hellojed said...

I can't stand needles either, hope you're feeling better.