Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Previously on 24...

Last night newbie agent Doyle--who is crazy, though not nearly as crazy and badass as his soon-to-be idol Jack--uttered the best line of 24 after viewing Jack's destructive capability (at least 5-6 men down and the lead terrorist strung up by a frickin chain, all done with one pistol and brute force!): "Daaaaaaaamn, Jack!" We were all thinking it. Hilarious! I think we should all start calling him Bauer, Jack Bauer. He's earned it, no? Check out this funny Jack Bauer kill count website. He's currently at 23 kills this season and we're halfway through. Any bets whether he'll beat his all-time high of 44 from season 4? You can also find Jack Bauer gear, including the infamous man purse here.

Oh, and I'm SO RELIEVED to finally know the real father of Anna Nicole's baby. Not. (I make American funny! Borat should take note of the great usage of that not. Okay, so we finally watched Borat this weekend. Very funny. Next we watch Casino Royale. Mmm mmm, I love me some Bond, James Bond.)

Hmm, what else? Nothing much new here in boring Angieland. After getting extra sleep yesterday, I managed to finally shake the migraine. Haven't had one since-knock-on-wood! This afternoon a friend is taking me shopping, which will be a fun break. This morning I made a list of things I worry about in order to try to work out my anxieties. I'll spare you the list, and spare me the embarassment. And that's my day in a nutshell. ("Look I'm in a nutshell!") (Hmm, can't seem to stop quoting movies...)


Joseph R. Ruthruff said...

Angie, how did I miss this "kill count"? It is awesome! I love the "vampire bite" as the kill weapon for this season's first victim... too funny.

Kristen said...

I don't like seeing Ricky Schroeder as Agent Doyle. He got all old looking! I miss little Ricky Schroeder from Silver Spoons! Borat was funny, huh? But that nude scene nearly made me puke. Yuck. Gives me the chills just thinking about it.