Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I get a couple of phone calls a day from telemarketers - even though we're on the no call list - and wrong numbers. If I don't recognize the number, I don't answer. Simple. What I can't understand is why the wrong number people leave messages. Do they not understand that when my machine says "You've reached Angie & Co" it means Angie and not George or Linda, or a patient/client by some other name? Yesterday we got a message in Chinese (at least I think it was Chinese, it may have been Korean or something else, anyway it wasn't English). The woman left an entire message in another language when our machine clearly in English said this was the household of Angie & Co. Very baffling. And I noticed on our caller ID that the woman called again today. I just got a message from some photographer for a Rebekah and it sounded suspiciously weddingish. I suspect he'll be upset with her for not calling him back even though it's his own fault for a) dialing wrong and b) not listening to the machine when he left a message. Not my problem I guess, but I do find it all rather amusing and baffling.

I seem to have been tagged for a meme thingy in my comments box. I'll check it out and work on it for tomorrow's post.


JJ said...

Hi Angie

One of the great things about moving to Thailand is that we don't get those AWFUL cold callers anymore. They got really bad in the UK before we left. I'm not normally a stroppy cow, but I really did want to just be rude to them. I didn't of course, because it's not their fault, but really....

Oh god, sorry for that tirade.

Angie said...

I know exactly what you mean. I hate to be rude because it's just their job, but they call all day and now it's starting on weekend mornings and evenings, which is just ridiculous. I cannot imagine life without caller ID!