Monday, May 07, 2007

The husband and I had to drop off one of our cars at a mechanic at 8am this morning because the darling Drew chewed nearly all the way through the driver's seatbelt a few weeks ago when we left him in the car while doing some shopping. Apparently the seatbelt is connected to the airbag as a security feature, so this is no simple or cheap replacement. I followed the husband to the mechanic, glad that this would be my last freeway drive with essentially no seatbelt. When we arrived, we found out that the seatbelts they had ordered last week would not work, so we have to wait for them to order more. Felt quite fussy driving back home on the freeway, no seatbelt, and no coffee yet.

Fabulous bachelorette party this weekend, which was as expected a girly estrogen-fest. We had a lovely dinner at E&O Trading Company, an asian fusion restaurant, followed by the Bubble Lounge, a champagne bar, for champagne and strawberries, more cocktails (tasty Bellini for me) and dancing. Met loads of boys who were drawn by the bride's fake veil and white boa, and of course our bright pink boas. We sweet talked them into signing and posing in the bright blue bejewelled granny pannies bought for the occasion. Afterwards we went to a bar formerly known as the Velvet Lounge, though I don't remember its new name, where we were allowed to bypass the line and the entrance fee - there are always perks to being part of a group of girls dressed up for a bachelorette. Unfortunately the bar did not measure up to the bride's memories of it years ago. Actually I think it did, she just outgrew it. I felt like I'd been transported to a college dance club where everyone was wasted, sweaty, and grinding to pop on the dance floor, which made me feel old and too sophisticated (ha! as if!). We left just before 2am, which was just as well because the bars close at 2 anyway, and crashed out our very posh hotel, where we were lucky to get two adjoining rooms.

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