Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It's a Hairy Week

Yay! I've just come back from my first haircut in ages and it turned out exactly how I wanted it! Think Cameron Diaz in The Holiday (though not blonde, more of a golden brown). There's nothing like a good haircut (okay and a latte and chocolate chip cookies) to put you in a great mood. I haven't had a great haircut in a while, though to be fair it's not my hairdresser's fault, lately I somehow end up choosing haircuts that don't work for my face or hair type, etc. I never used to have this problem, but the texture of my hair changed when we moved to California, probably because it's humid here and Bend is bone dry. I grew out my hair last year and have been sporting it long, but the thyroid problems made it really dry and straw-like on the ends, which isn't cute. Plus it's nice to have shorter hair in summer. Lovely Kristen puppysat for a few hours while I went to my appointment. (Speaking of, go forth and read lovely Kristen's brand new poetry blog. She has beautiful poetry and finally decided to share it more broadly via her blog. As she says, she has chutzpah.) And as for my 'hairy' week, I still have the other Harry to look forward to first thing Saturday morning. Hurrah!


Kristen said...

Your new haircut is uber cute. You've inspired me to go do something about my own tired, lifeless hair stlye. I'm sure husband was pleased. ;-)

Thanks for the new blog shout-out. Very sweet. Alas, after a night out with some old hiking buddies, I am thoroughly exhausted and headed for bed. A better post soon, promise!

Angie said...

He did say the dogs are going to bed early ;)
Ah, the fun of dinners with little-known acquaintances!