Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Up from her nap and already had a proper piss on the floor. Lovely.


Update: Oh yes, and she tried to eat a cigarette butt when we went outside. Drew never ate nasty things like cigarette butts. He just went for proper gross dog fare like poo. (And I wonder why I used to be a non-animal person?)

Update2: In the spirit of the moment:

A List of Things Lucy Has Tried to Chew

My wedding ring (Um, no!)
Husband's ring
Husband's watch
Shirt buttons (while worn)
My jeans' hem (again, while worn)
My necklace (ditto above)
Husband's hair
Husband's ear
Husband's earring (he was laying on the floor...)
My toes
My shirt (precariously close to my boob!)
My Macbook cord (NO!)
The wheels of my office chair (while sitting in it)
Drawer knobs
The metal garbage can
Drew's leash
Wine bottles in the wine rack


Kristen said...

If she chews your boob, husband might chuck her. ;-)

Angie said...

True true, better watch those little teeth!