Thursday, August 23, 2007

In the Still of the Night

I started writing at night again. You see, I am by nature a night owl. Always have been, probably always will be. My sisters (bar one) and mom are night owls - we are a family of night people. Mornings are not for us. Of course then you graduate college and get a 'real' job and have to drag your arse out of bed every morning to make it in time. For the last year, I have been trying to keep a normal schedule that revolves around Husband's--and let's face it, Drew's--so I can spend my evenings with him. Going to bed earlier hasn't been a problem because since I was diagnosed hypothyroid, I've been really tired. But. I'm starting to feel better, and lately around 10:30-11:00pm I begin to wake up. I start thinking about my story. I want to write. I've ignored it for a few weeks, but two nights ago I gave in thinking if I have the urge to write, I should probably write. So two nights in a row, I wrote from 12:00-1:00am. I probably finished two pages each night, which isn't bad for me in one hour. However. The last two mornings have been hell. Yesterday I never heard the alarm and slept in until 9:30. Poor Drew was pacing and probably starving. This morning was worse. Husband forgot to reset the alarm. It still says 5:30 (it hurts to think about him getting up that early!). I woke up even later today and felt really bad for Drew. So. Do I keep writing late at night just because I have the urge, or do I control the urge so I can keep normal hours. I already feel myself slipping into the strong grip of the night.


Helen said...

Go for it whilst you can. If the urge takes you then let it. I'm on the computer doing bits and bobs this week at night (not as late as you tho) when normally I would be slumped in front of the telly. I'm sitting on the settee having just finished watching the fab 'Brothers and Sisters' (with Rob Lowe!) and my fingers start to twitch. I picture myself switching the computer on and lo and behold here I am!

hellojed said...

I am completely the opposite - I write better in the morning! In fact, if I don't start writing before 9am I've pretty much wasted the day. My brother is the night-owl and does his best work after 10pm.

Angie said...

Helen, Thanks for the reassurance. I'm trying to go with it, while managing to keep a somewhat normal schedule.
I haven't seen that, but it looks good, and yummy! Good luck at the computer. :)

Hellojed, I really wish I could, but I seem to have no creativity first thing in the morning. It switches on at night. I also am more distracted by t'internet during the day when 'things are going on'. ;) I think 95% of my college papers were written after 11pm.

Rebecca said...

yes - go for it while you can, while you feel inspired. Maybe you can set out some food for Drew the night before??

I, too, am naturally inclined to be a bit of a night owl - but kids, with their early early mornings have a habit of wrecking all that!

alfaking said...

NIght owl or not, write when you feel the most inspired. That's what I do. But I must agree am in the same boat. Then have to look for a moment to take a nap during the day; and it's not easy when you have a day job.

Angie said...

Rebecca, Alfaking,
The world really is designed for morning people, isn't it? Night owls always have to conform to some degree, whether for jobs or family.

Rebecca, I think if I did that, he'd sneak out and eat it in the middle of the night. :) I'll just have to maintain a fine balance between writing late and not getting up too late in the morning.

Alfaking, inspiration is a delicate matter. I've been trying to trick it into coming in the morning, but no luck so far. ;) I do think disciplining yourself to write, whether you feel inspired or not, is the key to creating more inspiration though.