Monday, August 13, 2007

Post Haste

Late post tonight. Husband is still not home and I'm avoiding my work since I only finished dinner. He just called to say he was late because he lost track of time chatting after his 5:30 meeting. Who does that? To be fair, it is his first day at his new job and he's really excited about it; though to counteract that argument, he has been consulting for this company for months, so it's really nothing new. Hmph. I'm always teasing him for liking his job so much. I think he actually wakes up excited to go to work, and I'm not sure he's ever been hit by the Sunday evening blues. I mean, I like mine, but the pay is crap! ;)

Today I made some headway on editing. I seem to spend 2/3 of my time editing and 1/3 writing new material. I suppose by the time this draft is done, it will really be a second or third draft rather than a first draft, so that's positive at least. I'm passing along two chapters to a trusty writerly friend to read so I can get some outside perspective, so I want to make sure these chapters are ready to be read.

Finally, I was a very naughty girl today. I was trying to be good. Got up, edited, started to update my blog. And then. I went to Amazon to update the book I'm currently reading because I finished Zuckerman Unbound and started the third book of the trilogy The Anatomy Lesson. When I looked at the webpage, it of course showed me similar books, including The Prague Orgy, which is the epilogue to the Zuckerman trilogy. Which I don't have. Which was on sale for $9! So I promptly added it to my cart. Mistake numero uno. Since it's not worth buying the sale price on Amazon without the free shipping, I decided to look around. Mistake numero dos. I've been wanting Jeff Buckley's CD Grace for some time and discovered it was only $7.99. Into the cart it went. Hmm, if I only spend $8 more, I'll get free shipping, and shipping is $6 anyway, so that's like $6 free in spending money right? So I'm only really spending the $2. Or so my logic goes. I ended up with the book, the CD, and I added on Suite Francais, which I've been wanting since it published because at my old job I worked on a biography of Irene Nemirovsky, but I've been waiting for the paperback, and then of course I really wanted the paperback on sale, which it was at 40% off. *sigh* But yay, I'll get a cool package in a week or so!


hellojed said...

Oh I know what you mean, am staying away from all bookstores at the moment, seriously need to save money!

Well done with the editing headway.

Helen said...

Amazon and free shipping. I do it all the time. Infact did it on Sunday and going to do it again today!

Kristen said...

Oh goodie! Now I can just read all of your Zuckerman books once you've finished! ;-)

Angie said...

Hellojed, It's a serious addiction! I have a pile to be read that is huge anyway. I think I horde books because I couldn't afford anything but school books in college...though it's been years...
Oh and thanks, I did finish editing the two chapters (at 11:30pm no less), so that was good.

Helen, oh do have fun today! I'm cut off. :)

Kristen, yep, I'm stacking up the Zuckerman books. Feel free to dig in.