Friday, August 10, 2007

Those days

It's been one of those days. Nothing bad per se, but lots of little things combined to upset me. Printer's still not working, so I have to spend $20 on a new cartridge before I can print my chapter for review. My trusty Mac laptop, which rarely throws fits, has been rearing its ugly little subversive head, slowing things down and causing annoying problems. Nothing lost but time, luckily.
And people are just annoying me.
And I need to go grocery shopping, but don't wanna.
AND I got a jury summons in the mail today. Trying to stay positive about that: "Oh, could be good story material?" But it's not really working. Last time I got a jury summons (also my first time), I didn't get called. Let's hope my precedent holds, but knowing my luck I'm not crossing any fingers.
Lastly, after my success at finishing a story on Tuesday, I've barely made any progress on the novel, which makes me irritated with myself.
I am going to curl up with my book(s) this weekend and hopefully get over this funk! (Finished Portnoy's Complaint last weekend and LOVED it. So funny in such a subversive way. I'm about 2/3 through Zuckerman Unbound now and I'm hoping to start the third novel in that series, The Anatomy Lesson, this weekend.)
Happy weekend, bloggyland!


hellojed said...

Hope you had a great weekend!

Angie said...

Thanks hellojed. It was relaxing though very ineffecient. ;)
How is school?