Sunday, September 16, 2007

On the streets of San Francisco yesterday

Bits of funniness overheard--

A man in Union Square preaching "love" and "christianity" to all the shoppers, though actually shouting at all the people waiting at the intersection to cross the street:

"Sex is for a man and a woman only. Women and men should only have sex within marriage. A woman who has sex outside of marriage is a whore. A man who has sex outside of marriage..."(the mumbling became indistinct at this point, though I was very curious if the man was a whore too.)

And then, I kid you not:

"Nobody wants sloppy seconds. You should be fresh."

I was trying not to look at him the whole time, not wanting to encourage the craziness, but I burst into uncontrollable giggles at this point.

Later, a crazy old woman walking behind us on the street talking very loudly to herself:

"I'm going to go find my wife, Abraham Lincoln, he's here somewhere."

I wish I could use all the amusing things I overhear for stories, but some things are too weird for fiction.
Incidentally, I was a very bad girl and spent more money shopping. *sigh* I've been trying to be so good not spending money on clothes, but whenever I'm good for a few months, it makes me want to splurge after awhile. I did mostly buy clothes for husband, who never buys his own clothes and would wear them threadbare if I weren't around, but I also bought myself a wicked cute blazer (on sale!), a blue hoodie (my writer's "suit"), and a plain long-sleeved tee. Nothing too extravagant. Bought husband some corduroys, khakis, two polos (his new job is very business casual since he's out on the floor most of the day), and a pair of very cute H&M jeans. Those were for me, in a way.


JJ said...

One of life's great sadnesses is that I can't earwig on Thai conversations. Though husband and I were drinking in a bar a week or so ago watching the comings and goings. We saw a Western man getting into a taxi with a Thai girl (I guess to go back to his hotel!!!) and Husband heard and understood a bar girl say to her friend 'He doesn't know that that's a boy.'Whoops, he's gonna find out soon enough probably?

Rebecca said...

wow - anyone who can say 'noone wants sloppy should be FRESH" sounds like - wow - such a LIBERATED and ENLIGHTENED guy. WE women, are, after all, mere pieces of fruit to be enjoyed by the menfolk.

Angie said...

JJ, that is a great overheard conversation! What a bummer you can't overhear more.

Rebecca, those street preachers are SO liberated. ;) That's why I was curious whether he considered men whores too...though it sounded like he did considering his opinions on "freshness". Got to love the shouting crazies in the city.