Monday, September 24, 2007

The War

Last night PBS premiered Ken Burns' new World War II miniseries, simply titled 'The War'. I've always been fascinated by WWII history and couldn't wait for this new series. It's been marked in my calendar for weeks, but shh, don't tell. Since half my novel takes place during this period, I sat down for two+ hours last night with no guilt for time wasted because I was not only watching educational material, I was doing research. Sort of. The 7-part series plays through Wednesday this week, then breaks for the beginning of the fall line-up on Thursday, and continues this weekend ending next Tuesday. So far they've done a great job. The archival footage, including some color footage never shown before, is amazing.

After watching the premiere last night, I wrote out my to-do list for today and had a minor breakthrough moment. Like many others, I am a worrywart. If I don't have anything to worry about, I will find something. Lately I've been a bit overwhelmed trying to keep everything straight, so I started a helpful running list in Word to keep on top of my tasks, complete with lovely checkboxes, because there's nothing more satisfying than marking off a task. (Oh dear, I've outed two of my nerdiest qualities already.) This helps me to not forget the less obvious tasks, but having everything in one place can also stress me out because I see how many things I need to get done. I get the urge to devote a whole day to the to-do list so I can whittle it down, but then I wouldn't write, and I know realistically I will soon replace all those things on the list anyway. Last night I decided I would be pleased with myself if I got one thing done every day. It's a manageable task, it doesn't take away from my work time, and I'm more likely to start the list if I don't have to finish it in one day. Chuffed, I went to bed feeling relieved for once. After reading the lovely English Patient for awhile and looking down at the cute puppy sleeping next to the bed, I turned off the lamp and realized something else. I know it doesn't take a genius to realize this, but sometimes I lose sight amidst all the details. I really am very lucky. I have a lovely husband who is able to work in a job that he loves and that allows me to write. I have the cutest and sweetest puppy around. We've been able to buy this place to live, and even if it feels too small sometimes, we know it will help us head in the right direction. I suppose as a worrywart I am always warring with my own thoughts in order to keep perspective. Pursuing writing has somehow only increased that worrying urge, but I have to take this adventure one battle at a time, and for now at least, I've made a small advance.


hellojed said...

Great post! I love Outlook tasks too, and I understand how great it feels when you stop to smell the roses. Good on you and best of luck with the rest of the week.

Kristen said...

Cheers to that!

Lane said...

Hi there
I stumbled on your blog whilst leaving a comment on another.
I see you like Messrs Morrison and Nutini. Yah do I!
Good luck with the writing:))

Rebecca said...

you are lucky indeed. Use your good fortune and write write write!

Rebecca said...

um....not that I necessarily take my own advice, of course.

Jan said...

Hello Angie.
I just fell into your excellent blog from elsewhere and hope to see you again soon.

Angie said...

Cheer hellojed!

More cheers, Kris. :)

Lane, welcome and thanks for stopping by. I've seen you in lots of comments boxes and popped on over to yours as well to say hi.

Rebecca, cheers. And I totally know what you mean...I had a great vibe, but putting it into action Monday proved a bit more difficult.

Jan, welcome and thanks for visiting. I've stopped by yours to say hi as well.

Ang x