Friday, November 16, 2007

Charmed, not bendy

Monday morning, I went to turn on the Today Show to watch over my cereal and coffee. However, the channel husband left it on the night before just happened to be playing Charmed. I haven't watched that show in years, and after watching curiously Monday morning, I am now addicted to watching it over my breakfast. I never succumb to watching tv during the writing day, but Charmed is so magically enticing!

Speaking of which, my yoga class has turned out to be anything but magic. My previous yoga class really helped alleviate the pain in my hip, but this class actually seems to aggravate it. It's much slower yoga, and we hold poses for minutes at a time, which makes my joints stiff. The other class was much more athletically challenging and we moved fluidly--but quickly--through the poses. I also usually end up under the wall clock, so I have to stare up at it watching how slowly the hands move through the minutes as I hold my pose. I am so not Zen. Charlie Crewes would be ashamed. ;)

Words written today: 1750


hellojed said...

Slow yoga is tough for me too, my poor muscles shudder with the effort!

JJ said...

I've tried yoga and pilates a couple of times and found them terribly dull. I'd rather dance...

Do you have any other classes near you to try?


Kristen said...

I want to be Zen. I really do. But I stress out when I can't shut down the loud voices in my head while attempting to "meditate" and when my legs shake holding poses. I always end up thinking, "Man. I suck at this. Are we done yet?" Not a very Zen thought. Ah well.

Angie said...

Hellojed, that's exactly it! Ugh.

JJ, I like yoga and pilates when the poses are quicker and more athletic, but this style is a bad fit for me. (I like the idea of dance, but I'd be too embarrassed...I'm silly like that.)

I could try other classes, but I get so nervous taking new classes and it took all my nerve to sign up for this may take awhile for me to sign up again.

Kristen, I can't clear the thoughts out either. When she says 'take that Mona Lisa smile to your lungs' I just end up thinking, "wtf?" Or when we're holding a pose and my muscles are shuddering and she says 'now just relax those muscles' and I think "YOU, %$#@ relax!" I'm at my Zen-ith. ha!;)

Alix said...

Oh I love Charmed, it's so good and I'd really love to be able to freeze time, would be handy in yoga you could have a quick rest!
My one and only yoga class I got the giggles so badly I think I rather ruined everyone else's Zenness.

Angie said...

Alix, I would love that trick too. And maybe the fireballs, just every once in awhile. ;)
I've nearly had the giggles in yoga, so I can imagine! I think maybe a yoga home video might be the answer.