Saturday, November 03, 2007


I love flying. Perhaps it's because the first time I flew I was 17 and headed for New York to sing in Carnegie Hall with my choir. Perhaps it's because I spent time traveling Europe and every flight meant a new destination, a new adventure. Perhaps it's the thrill of being above the clouds hurtling through the air at great speed. I am an adventurer at heart, and flying always holds the prospect of unknown thrills on the other side of the gateway. There are, of course, annoyances with flying. Packing, waking up at 4am, shoving 3.4 oz bottles of liquid into a ziplock bag, getting half-nekkid in the security line, and peeing during turbulence come top of my list. Yet, all those annoyances are worth it for the thrill of traveling. Husband said he likes the thrust and power of flying. Sounds like a man. I like the promise of a new city to explore.


JJ said...

I do too Angie. I'm not sure what it is but I don't tire of getting onto aeroplanes (sp?). Even after these two years away where I've done lots of flying, I still love it. Something to do with the adrenaline maybe, because I am ever so slightly wondering if it's a good idea to go that fast, that high up?

hellojed said...

Me too. I'll never get tired of flying. It's just so exciting.

Lane said...

'peeing during turbulence' ???
Are we talking 'in the loo' here or a little bit of relaxation of bladder due to fear!

Alix said...

see I love the excitement of somewhere new but flying is just unnatural not to mention scary!

Kristen said...

Hee hee. Mr. Angie said "thrust." ;-)

Angie said...

JJ, flying is so lovely. (We 'mericans spell 'airplane' differently - yours is the British spelling :) It's definitely good to go fast that high up!

Hellojed, it is exciting and I'm glad I got my kick for the next few months.

Lane, yes in the loo! Aye yi yi. ;) No fear here. The only time I was scared enough on a plane to *almost* pee my pants, I was jumping out of it!

Alix, my mom is terrified of flying too.

Kris, indeed he did and I think he was proud he snuck that in. ;)