Wednesday, November 14, 2007

More words

As I updated my word count last night, I noticed that if I stick to my minimum 750 words a day the rest of this week, I will pass the 20k mark! I've been ogling that mark for months and months with one-step forward two-steps back progress, but finally it is in sight!

Ever since I made this new writing plan, I have been able to stick with it. After all this time, finally something is working. I can't guarantee the words I'm getting onto the page are great, but I have found that meeting my goal every day gives me a rush, while also restricting the number of words makes me eager to hit the page the next day.

Words written today: 901

Update: I finished chapter 3 today! Huzzah! And, um, it's longer than chapters 1 and 2 combined. *gulp* I may be breaking it up into smaller sections when I edit.


Lane said...

Huzzah indeed! well done for sticking to plan:-)

Alix said...

Yeah well done! Glad the plan is working for you

Kristen said...

Wonderful, Ang! :-)

alfaking said...

Great! keep it up.

Angie said...

Thanks for all the encouragement, guys and gals! It's much appreciated.

-Angie x