Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The view

While sitting at a stoplight today, I looked over and saw a man trimming (or possibly plucking?) his nose hairs. I seem to be running into all the odd ones lately.

Just thought I'd spread the Christmas cheer for all to hear...


Jen said...

Oh God, it seems the world is full of nasal hair at the moment?

Love the Crmbly picture - I want skull and crossbones in my fire too. Ho ho ho.

JJ said...

That's really common in Thailand, along side squeezing spots, applying make up and picking your nose!
Lots of Xmas Cheer here!

Lane said...

Euurgh - and I thought your part of the world was full of super cool dudes!:-)

Alix said...

Yuck! I hate that why do people think you can't see them in their cars - the glass isn't magic people!

Kristen said...

Please! I'm eating my lunch over here! :-p

Angie said...

Jen, apparently.
I thought that picture represented the holiday weirdness around here perfectly. ;)

JJ, eww! Why do people do that stuff in public? Enjoy your xmas cheer!

Lane, I live in Silicon Valley - so if techy nerds are super cool, then yes, it's chock full. ;)

Alix, I never could understand it! I can't even sing along to the radio at a stoplight for fear of entertaining people in the cars next to me. :)

Kristen, sorry dear. Enjoy that lunch!