Friday, January 25, 2008

Coffeeshop Magic

I try to go to the coffeeshop once a week in order to get a change of pace for my writing. I went yesterday afternoon, but because of the rain falling outside, more people than usual were seeking solace in the coffeeshop, so I didn't find the quiet I normally enjoy. In fact, I was hard pressed to pay attention to my writing while listening to two grown men argue over a game of 'Magic'. They were arguing, quite loudly I might add, whether a character could be regenerated in the game. It took every ounce of my concentration to snicker silently and without shaking my shoulders. The entire coffeeshop could hear them arguing, and the couple at the table next to me seemed to be just as amused and annoyed as me. Unfortunately this kind of coffeeshop 'magic' did not much increase my word count, and I'm now ending my worst writing week since I instituted my new writing plan back in late October. However, I am trying to take it easy on myself since I've been fighting daily migraines. I'm also glad I can still count on my forays out of the house to provide me with entertainment. Now I better open that notebook again so I don't spend all weekend playing catchup.

My little magician. (This picture has nothing to do with the story, but it was too cute to not share.)


JJ said...

Oh gorgeous picture. What is Magic? What kind of game? Looking forward to your meme.

Angie said...

Thank you, he's quite the ham.
Honestly, I'm not entirely sure, I've just heard of it. I think it's kind of like Dungeons and Dragons, etc. Here's a wikipedia article about it:

Intense stuff!

Alix said...

Very cute picture. I love eavesdropping on people in coffee shops but I can see how this would have been annoying!
Hope the word count goes up and the migraines down next week

Lane said...

Drew is just the cutest of the cute!

John Soanes said...

Daily migraines? Ugh! As a fellow migraineur (probably not a real word, but ah well), you have my sympathy - my inevitable reflex is to suggest certain semi-remedies which partly work for me, but it's all so variable from one sufferer to another, so probably best I don't waste your time.

That said, if you suffer from the aura aspect of migraines, probably best to avoid Oliver Sacks's book on the subject, as it contains illustrations of the 'scotoma' (the fuzzy blur thing) which tend to make one feel faintly nauseous just by looking at them!

Anyway, hope they stop plaguing you - you clearly have better things to do with your time!


Kristen said...

I love Drew! And you're not so bad, either. ;-)

Angie said...

Alix, he didn't like that hat, but it was too cute. It is so interesting to eavesdrop on people. I just found them so odd.
I hope so too!

Lane, ah thanks. (Yours share that distinction!)

John, migraineur should be a word! They're just awful, aren't they? I've scheduled another appointment because it's getting ridiculous. Luckily I've only had aura a handful of times and it's not a regular feature for me. I will have to avoid that book though. :)
I love your WGA badge, by the way.

Kris, glad I'm at least in the same grouping as the neph-dog. ;)