Friday, January 04, 2008


Just so readers don't get too jealous of the beautiful sunshiny weather from last week, here is a picture outside my front door from five minutes ago:

It's supposed to rain 2-4 inches today and the flooding you see around that sidewalk (yes, there is a sidewalk there: the v-shaped gray smudge) has already accumulated and it's barely 11am. The rain is lashing down with heavy wind, and the trees are being blown like crazy. We've had a few power flashes already, so I may be going offline for awhile. I really hope we don't lose power. It's difficult on my eyes to write in the dark. Plus, how will I drink tea, people, and keep warm, and entertain myself? Stupid boasty sunshiny pictures backfired. Pfft.


Kristen said...

Feel like you're back in Oregon, Ang? ;-) Looks dreadful. Although it's mighty cold, there are spots of blue sky here in Nebraska. Dare I say we're better off here (for now)???

Yvonne said...

Oh no! It's the pits here too. Grumble.

Angie said...

Kristen, it's like Oregon on speed! It is dreadful and I'm flinching with every power flash. I'd say you're better off there for now. I prefer the cold with sun (like home and Christmas here).

Yvonne, sorry to hear it's bad there too. I second that grumble!

Lane said...

Oh poor you:-( I hope the power stays on. Blue sky and sun today here! Sorry:-)

JJ said...

Shall I just keep my mouth shut?
(Hope it improves soon...)

alfaking said...

You are lucky to have rain. It's dry over here and the reservoirs are drying up. Fortunately we had about 2 inches on the new year's day.

alfaking said...

Sorry, at first I thought it was just rain. But minutes ago I overheard the news about the storm. Horrible. Be careful.

Angie said...

Lane, enjoy your blue sky! Luckily we've kept our power. Fingers crossed.

JJ, yes, I'm sure it's absolutely lovely where you are. *sigh* ;)

Alfaking, we were in a drought early this year, but we've caught up now!
It's okay...normal rain I can handle, it's the gusty sheets of rain that bother me. :)