Thursday, January 03, 2008

Vertical Drew

It seems my vertical picture-posting problem is related more to my use of iPhoto than to my own handicap. I don't have internet access on the PC right now (due to laziness and a broken wireless card), but I always used Picasa on the PC, so I tested whether using an image from Picasa saved onto a disk and then uploaded would work, and aha(!), it did:
Above Left: Drew is tired out from all the package-opening and playing on Christmas. Above Right: Drew feigning modesty on our sunshiny walk. Right: Drew's Christmas attire. (I'm not sure he likes the chinstrap from the Santa hat!)

You poor people are going to be inundated with pictures now! Mwah ha ha.


Kristen said...

Congrats on going vertical! Nice. Ah, I miss my little nephew. He's so cute! ;-)

Angie said...

Now I'm a sorta, kinda, almost professional blogger! Drew says 'woof'. ;)

Lane said...

Look at all Drew's lovely presents! Bless him. He's adorable:-) The more pics the better!

Angie said...

Lane, he was quite overwhelmed at the number of presents. I guess he's a *little* spoiled. Glad you like the pics, I'll keep them coming as long as you keep posting pics of Teabag and Peggy Flobbins. :) I guess we're hosting writing-dog blogs.