Friday, February 22, 2008

Feelin the cold

I've been lying low since I started battling a sore throat/head cold a few days ago. This particular cold had me fighting off sneezes most of the day. And they're not the cute, dainty, girly sneezes either. No, these are the whoppers that cause a full body convulsion and make your throat hurt. It made for an entertaining writing session at the coffeeshop today. My nose ring is also unbearable since it keeps causing my nose to itch, but I can't take it out. Appropriately enough the weather is very drippy and drafty today. I'm hoping it prepares me for the cold weather on my upcoming trip in 10 days (but who's counting).

Did I mention today was a big day? I dropped Drew off at doggie daycare for the first time this afternoon. He hasn't been very socialized with other dogs, so we're working him into the environment slowly so he will be comfortable staying there all day when we go on vacation. I felt like a nervous mom leaving her child at preschool for the first time, and as silly as I feel about that, I can't help it because he is my baby. He did really well though. The owner said he adapted better than expected, and by the end of the day, he was playing with 'the pack', so I am a very proud mama.

Since I haven't blogged in days, I also wanted to mention a show I began watching recently, Lipstick Jungle, which premiered two weeks ago. So far I plan to continue watching. The cast, which features Brooke Shields, Kim Raver, and Lindsay Price, is great. Fans of Sex and the City should enjoy it, and although the focus is not so much on sex like SatC, I would be lying if I said it doesn't feature frequently in the episodes. Like SatC, it focuses on close friendships between women, but it also looks at how successful women balance their career with their life. I like that positive message. I recommend checking it out, though I must say, I think it's going to appeal to women more than men.


JJ said...

It sounds pretty dreadful weather where you are, but yes, it's certain to get you in training for Europe. I'm sorry to hear you've got a rotten cold: nothing sweet about those sneezes, oh the pain in your throat.
Hope you feel better soon.

Angie said...

JJ, I suppose I should think of this weather as bootcamp. ;)
I guess it's better to have the cold now than at the beginning of my trip, huh?
Cheers. xx

Alix said...

Hope you'll be on the mend soon and completely better for your trip.
I watched the pilot of Lipstick Jungle last night and enjoyed it.

Kristen said...

Feel better, sweetie!

Lane said...

'Doggie Daycare'! How cute is that:-)

Hope the cold is better. x

Angie said...

Alix, I'm feeling a little better already, just a bit stuffed up. Glad you enjoyed it too. It should be an interesting show.

Kristen, thanks sweetie. :)

Lane, we are so silly with our dog, but we couldn't bear to leave him home alone for 10+ hours - we'd all go crazy. He loves doggie daycare. Too bad he couldn't play with Teabag and Peggy Flobbins, they'd have fun. ;)