Sunday, February 17, 2008

La la la la

"And I would walk about two miles
And I would walk about two more
Just to be the girl who walked about four miles to eat tikka at your store
La la la la
la la la la
la la la la la la la la la la la"

Update: I am going to freeze to death in Munich and Prague. Tonight we walked four miles to grab dinner at our favorite Indian place (plus we picked up cookies next door - and we enjoyed the exercise too, obv). It was 48 degrees with 83% humidity. We've been home 45 minutes, and I'm still trying to dethaw. The temperature in Munich right now? 21 degrees. But apparently it feels like 13 and there's 89% humidity. Damn.

(p.s. My Oregon friends and family are so going to disown me for this. I remember celebrating my birthday with snow a few times. In April. California has weakened me.)


Yvonne said...

I love Indian food, great song and yep it is very cold in Europe at the moment - freezing temperatures in Dublin right now. Boo.

Alix said...

Ouch that is cold I'm not sure anything more than chocolate would get me that far in that weather without a car :)
I'm now going to have that song in my head ALL day.

Kristen said...

Oh, Ang. California HAS weakened you! Anything above 30 degrees sounds simply dreamy right now. I would have walked that far for yummy tikka and cookies, too. And what great exercise! Did Drew come with?

Lane said...

I Proclaim (sorry, couldn't help it) that you might be a bit chilly. You'd better pack some thermals:-)

I soo want a curry now:-)

Angie said...

Yvonne, yay for Indian food, boo for freezing weather! Hope it clears soon.

Alix, chocolate and a cuppa is what I will require! Sorry about the song. I had it stuck in my head too, but typing it out helped remove it. :)

Kristen, I know. *sigh* And NE has strengthened you! The forecast is mostly in the 30s and I'll be outside a lot. It's wrecking my packing plans!
Drew did enjoy the 4 mile walk and sat quietly hoping a piece would drop for him (which it did at the very end, of course).

Lane, I will need to dig out my thermals from the days of old!
Do enjoy a yummy curry. :)