Monday, June 30, 2008

Nicked meme about me

This meme has been bouncing around blogland, and while I haven't been tagged (sob!), I decided to do it anyway since I've enjoyed reading everyone's answers.

What were you doing 10 years ago?

I had just finished my junior year of high school and was preparing for my last year. Husband--then Boyfriend--and I broke up for the second time(!) as he prepared to leave for university.

Five things on your to-do list for today:
Write 100 words
Type more pages of chapter six
Read student submissions for writing course
Pick up friends at 5pm
Go to the Giants game (Yay!)

What are three of your bad habits?
Spending too much time online
Procrastination (same as above?)
Picking at my cuticles

What would you do if you were a billionaire?
I would write full-time, but I would be doing it in a room of my own in our gorgeous Victorian house, which would have a library with one of those wheelie ladders (obv). I'd be driving my mini, and Husband would have his garden. I'd also buy my mom's house for her and help the in-laws pay off their mortgages.
Oh, and I'd buy an apartment in central London and visit as much as possible. (Did you really think I'd forget that?)

What are some snacks you enjoy?
Tortilla chips and salsa
Chocolate chip cookies

What were the last five books you read?
In Search of Adam by Caroline Smailes
Triumph of Hope by Ruth Elias
The Courage to Write by Ralph Keyes
Any Way You Want Me by Lucy Diamond
Petite Anglaise by Catherine Sanderson

What are five jobs you have had?
Assistant Editor
Editorial and Marketing Assistant
Office Assistant
Resident Assistant

Five places that you have lived?
Bend, OR
Corvallis, OR
London, UK
Boston, MA
San Jose/Campbell, CA

Right then, hope I didn't bore anyone to tears. I better finish that list because in one hour, we're off to see the Giants play the Cubs. Hurrah! I'll try to take some pictures because we're behind home plate--albeit very high above home plate--and we'll have a perfect view of the bay. I love Giants' Stadium.


Pacha said...

It's always interesting to read these tidbits of info!

Enjoy the Giants game!

Lane said...

Oooh salsa! I forgot about that!

See you when you have your London Pied a terre!

Hope the game was good:-)

Kristen said...

I had so much fun at the game last night. Thanks again for the lovely b-day gift. Too bad the Giants blew it. But what's new, right? Happy typing/editing today!

Chad Aaron Sayban said...

I love the image of the Victorian home with a library. Check this out...I'll take this one for sure:

Angie said...

Thanks Pacha.
The game was fun, but they lost badly. (boo!)

Lane, never forget the salsa, it counts as a healthy food! ;)
It would be great to meet everyone once I have "my London pied a terre"...*sigh*)
Lovely game, but terrible performance by the Giants.

Kristen, glad to hear it. I was sad your team let you down. :(

Chad, that house is fantastic. Can you imagine? That reminds me...I would also have a maid and a chef if I were a billionaire. Can you imagine cleaning that house?

KatW said...

"...gorgeous Victorian house, which would have a library with one of those wheelie ladders (obv)."

Oh yes - I am so with you on that dream!!!

Off to fantasise about my library.....

Kat :-)