Tuesday, June 10, 2008



I got carried away last night. (Not Carried away like Mr. Big though...)

I've been meaning to register the domain name for my website ever since I finished my first draft. After some poking around and some big thoughts about what I want, I decided to take the easy route and register the site through Wordpress since they will host it.

I've only fiddled with the site a little and there's really no content there yet, but I now have my very own website. (Eek!) But how the hours fly when you're fiddling...

Any thoughts are welcome.


Yvonne said...

Yay Angie, nice one! I love the photo, am too much of a coward to a photo on mine...

KatW said...

Just commented on your website: Congrats on you new website; it is looking great. I can't wait to read 'At the End of Silence'. What an intriguing title. Even without knowing anything about the story the title entices me to want to read more.

Now I'm off to search your blog to learn more about your book.

Kat :-)

Angie said...

Thanks Yvonne. Your site looks lovely too. :)

KatW, ah thanks. I'm glad you like the title. I'm very attached to it and hoped people would find it intriguing.

I will eventually post more info about my novel on the site, but until I get further into the editing, mum's the word. ;)

Anonymous said...

The new web site is very nice, great picture. I love the title of your book too.

Kristen said...

Love the new site and adorable pic. (Remind me to tell you in person my favorite aspect of that photo). Keep up the good work!

Angie said...

Cheers, m&t. I'm glad the title response has been positive so far.

Kristen, hmm, now I'm curious. I feel like I should know what aspect, but I don't!

John Soanes said...

Good site, Angie!

My own website's very rarely updated (I'm not boasting about that), so I'd recommend making sure that whatever you put on there, either it won't date too quickly, or the software you use to update it is speedy!

I'm intrigued by the title of your novel, too - maybe when you've done all the revising etc you could post a blurb or teaser-synopsis-type thing?


Chad Aaron Sayban said...

I'm enjoying reading your blog. Congratulations on the website and on finishing your first draft. Good luck with the editing process.

jules said...


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Angie said...

John, thanks for the useful suggestions.
Yay! I probably will post a blurb or a teaser once I've worked through the edits and feel they're strong enough for other eyes (so you may have to wait a bit ;).

Chad, welcome and thank you. I see you're another running writer. Must be something to that...either we're suckers for pain or we like feats of endurance?

Jules, thanks for the comments, but, um, no thanks.