Thursday, July 17, 2008


Every once in awhile I need a change. When I can't shake up my life, I opt to cut my hair. (Or dye it. I also have a second ear piercing and a pierced nose from previous shakeups in my life.)
I now have bangs for the first time since the tragic 6th grade 80s poof, after which I swore I would never cut bangs again. Fifteen years, a little length, and a stylish sideswipe later, and huzzah, I like 'em!


Lane said...

I think a photo may be in order:-)

The word 'bangs' always makes me smile:-)

Anonymous said...

I agree we need to see them!

I love cutting/colouring my hair I am debating going red again or if it is just to much work.

SueG said...

This is so funny, Angie! Back when we were younger and less able to make ends meet than we are now (phew!) I used to get a new haircut instead of going on vacation! I used to say it was cheaper and made everything feel different, which it was and it did. Plus, Lane's comment on bangs...when I "adopted" Britain as home the word "bangs" somehow became the first Americanism to fall out of my vocabulary....and it also makes me smile to hear it again.

Kristen said...

Having seen the new haircut in person, I can attest to the fact that Ang looks gorgeous. :-) Makes me want bangs again!

Angie said...

Lane, A photo? Oh dear, but then you can prove it's not cute after all! ;)
It is a funny word, isn't it? It seems a bit rude to say it with the slang nowadays... (hmm, that made me sound rather old).

m&t, will have to arrange a most flattering shot then.
It's so addicting! I've never gone red. It looks so fun, but I'm not sure I have the complexion for it. :(

Sue, yes! The change does make things feel different.
Is the British word "fringe"? I can't remember...

Kristen, ah, you're just being nice. (It was attacking my eye rather a lot during lunch though...)
You can style your shortest layer as 'sideswept bangs' without the scary haircut though and it looks lovely!

KatW said...

I'm so with you on this new hair cut/colour thing....I've just been to hairdressers and had bright magenta streaks put into my hair! Feel a lot better for the change, the pampering and the time-out.

Keep meaning to ask where your surname comes from. It's just that it's a bit like my maiden name which is greek cypriot. (my mum english, dad greek cypriot)

Kat :-)

Angie said...

Oh Kat, magenta? You are much braver than I! Sounds fun and feisty.

It's my married name (mine's Merrill), but supposedly it's of Greek origin via Germany. I don't think the family knows much about their history though. Learned from one of my old authors (a Jewish historian) that it's also a common Jewish name. Afterward I saw it on the wall of the Pinkas Synagogue Holocaust Memorial in Prague, which was one of the catalysts for my novel idea. Fate? :)

Zmunda said...

I told you bangs are totally in again! Let's see a pic Angelina!