Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Ever have one of those days where you read and reread a sentence and never divine its meaning? I'm having one of those.
I've decided it's just too hot and my brain is frying. Though admittedly hotter yesterday, I was spectacularly productive. I finished typing the first of my novel notebooks (out of two-and-a-third total), which brings me to 139 manuscript pages. I wrote my hundred words, ran to the store, plus various other bits and bobs.
Today? Zilch, nada, nothing. I thought my cold shower this morning would shake off the lethargy, but the 100˚ heat is making me slow and grumpy.
Could someone please send us some lovely showers? California is burning and I'm melting! (mwah ha ha.)


pierre l said...

I remembered loving that picture of you, and now I can see why. You have such a lovely smile.
We are certainly not short of cold and rain at the moment, but I don't think I can export it to California, unfortunately.

JJ said...

Dear Angie

I have packaged up some rain and a cool breeze from the UK. Please send sunshine by return of post.


Yvonne said...

I'd happily send you some of the terrible weather over here, but it would probably be stopped by those cunning custom agents.

Lane said...

We're drowning here:-(

Hope it cools off for you soon!

SpiralSkies said...

It's bizarre that the weather can be so extemely different. Perhaps it suits our writerly natures to be yearning after the others' weather.

Us shivering Blighty-dwellers are envying you like mad.

Pacha said...

It's something in between here - hot and then it rains. Ideal. (I'm so smug, it's just not healthy)...but you are STILL more productive than I am in spite of brain frying!

Lucy Diamond said...

Ohh....don't torment us with these tales of heat! We're trudging through puddles here... *sob*

Chad Aaron Sayban said...

It's interesting reading your post about the heat while looking at your new picture across your header where you are all bundled up against the cold.

Sorry I can't send you any relief. It's 108 here. Maybe write a short story about being caught in a blizzard?? It could help...

Angie said...

Pierre, that's sweet, thank you.
Strange how opposite the weather can be, isn't it? You could use some sun, and we could use some rain to cool down the fires here.

JJ, oh thank you sweetie! Sunshine is being packaged as we speak. Would you like some of the smoky haze to go along with it?
(Are you enjoying the break from the Bangkok heat, btw?)

Yvonne, ha, good point. They'd probably take it to the back room for a thorough examination and then deem it unfit. Pah.

Lane, sorry to hear that. :( Now if you could have a bit of sun, and we could have just the slightest chill, it'd be perfect!

Spiralskies, it's so bizarre, and good point about the 'grass is greener' bit.
Don't envy too much. I love the heat, but 100 is unbearable. I'm sweating through my morning coffee like a true addict though. ;)

Oh Pacha, that sounds so perfect! The productivity was only on Tues - yesterday I only completed *half* of my tasks after midnight. Boo.

Sorry to torment, Lucy, but really, it's not the good kind of heat here. No walking outside in lovely sunshine without heatstroke - hiding under the fan is the order of the day (we don't have a/c either).

Chad, ugh, you have it much worse off! Hope you have some a/c.
I was in a London mood when I restored that old header, but I don't seem to have any summery London pics. :)
Ironically, I'm working on chapters set in the cold of mid-December. Maybe if I get into character enough, I'll cool down?

Zmunda said...

I'll get you my pretty and your little dog Drew!

Angie said...

No, not my Drew! ;)