Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Off to Penn

Tomorrow morning we leave bright and disgustingly early for Penn State. We're meeting Husband's family to watch the football game against our alma mater, Oregon State (Go Beavers!). We might venture to Amish country on Friday or to the Hershey's factory. It should be fun. Tomorrow will not be fun though. We will be traveling for 13 hours! I could be in London with a layover in that time. United kindly changed our itinerary and added a second layover to our flight, which puts us there 5 hours(!) later than we expected, which also means I will be missing the last chat for my writing course. Grr. I love United so much. Anyway, I just started Grapes of Wrath, so it's a great excuse to read most of the day. Here's to a long weekend!


JJ said...

Ooh, long journeys are only good for reading. I keep meaning to read the Grapes of Wrath... Hope you enjoy the game.

Lane said...

Have a good trip and I hope you get loads of reading done.

The Hershey factory sounds like fun!:-)

Debs said...

Like JJ, I too have The Grapes of Wrath on my list of must read books. I hope you enjoy it and also have a great time on your trip.

Anonymous said...

Have a great trip. That is a seriously long journey but at least you have a good book :)

KatW said...

On our way up to my mums we had a 7and half hour journey. Stuck in a car with two children asking "are we nearly there yet?" So I can imagine 13 hours would be loooooong. But without the kids and not in a car means you can enjoy some reading time which should make it bearable.

It seems just as I am back home, everyone seems to be going away!! Enjoy all the trips you have planned.

Kat :-)

Caroline said...

Wow that is a long journey! Have fun :)


Chad Aaron Sayban said...

Have a safe trip and enjoy Happy Valley. Did I mention that my brother-in-law graduated from Penn State? Go Lions! (sorry...) ;-)

Have fun and enjoy the book!

Anonymous said...
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Angie said...

JJ, so far it's a good read, though parts of it are tedious. Pennsylvania was fun, the game, not so much.

Lane, lots of reading and some free chocolate. Result!

Debs, it's been on my list awhile too, so I figured I should finally dig in (especially since he's considered local here!). Thanks.

m&t, it was so long! I literally could've landed in Europe by the time we arrived there. So depressing! My book was my savior on the crappy, movie-less United flights.

KatW, we used to do those trips when I was little, and they are torture! Hope you're settling back in at home.

Caroline, very very very long! Thanks.

Chad, boo! Are you happy? They KILLED us. :( On the plus side, the Penn State fans were literally the nicest I've ever come across, so it made the beating more bearable.