Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I began reading Twilight Thursday night, and with some self-control, I finished it last night. I loved Stephenie Meyer's scintillating vampire romp and never wanted to put it down. After I began, I worried Friday would be a painful day of writing, spent trying to ignore the tempting book lying on the table, but it ended up being a really good motivator. I promised myself that if I finished my daily page count, I could read. I ended up having a great editing day, exceeding my goal.

Sadly, I'm now checking my Amazon order every hour to see when New Moon might arrive.

You may notice that I still have the same four books on my 'currently reading' shelf. I had to begin this book, even though I'm already involved in four others, because I'm excited for the release of the Twilight movie next month, and I began to worry that I would run out of time to read the book first. (You have to read the book first!) I'm also forcing Husband to read the book and wanted to give him time to finish it since he's a slower reader than me.

Check out the movie teasers:

Autumn is the perfect time of year to snuggle up with a good book. Happy reading (and watching)!


marmiteandtea said...

Ah Twilight I do love it, although for me it all ends with Eclipse! I'm impressed you're getting hubby to read it mine read the back and fell about laughing, he is refusing to see the movie too.

Angie said...

m&t, now I'm curious, why did it end with Eclipse for you? Did you not like the fourth book?
I thought he might like it since he likes HP and the Inheritance books, but maybe not? =p
That's cruel, the movie looks fun!

JJ said...

Really? Should I read it? Daughter's reading it at the moment. Son wanted to take it away with us, but couldn't find his copy.

Lori said...

Ok. So now I have finally decided that I am reading this book. I'll put it on my list.

I am also addicted to my TV, late in the evening, when I'm not able to do anything else. House and Bones are being recorded on Tivo just for me, because my husband doesn't want to watch them. He particularly hates Bones, because he finds that female character very obnoxious. I particularly like Bones because I find David Boreanaz very cute.

Angie said...

JJ, I recommend it if you like a good escapist read every once in awhile. I enjoy keeping up with YA lit as well. However, I'll warn you that my copy had a number of grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Lori, yay, I hope you enjoy it. :)
I lurve House and Bones and David Boreanaz is yummy! I find the interaction between him and Bones hilarious, but too bad your husband doesn't agree.

Zmunda said...

Baby, I finished the 4th last night. I LOVE THESE BOOKS! Seriously they were like crack. I finished all 4 in 3 weeks and that took some restraint. They were amazing and we cannot wait till the movie comes out! Now I feel like I can finally get back to reading something written for my age demographic!

Kim said...

LOVE THESE BOOKS! We are having a party when the movie comes out. I would never ask a guy to read it though, certain pleasures they will just never get (nor do I think that I want them too).

Zmunda said...

BTW All of us are reading them. Olivia has book 1 now, D is on 3 and KT finished with me. We feel somewhat bad for Adam :)

Angie said...

Zmunda and Kim -
I'm finishing Book 2 tonight and I'm dying to get my hands on 3 and 4! Stupidly, I bought the paperback version, and 3 doesn't come out in paperback until spring. I hate mismatched series, so I'm on a waiting list at the library (haha) and I'm asking Hubby for the box set for Christmas. *sigh* They are SO addicting. I think I'll read the version of Midnight Sun that she posted on her website for now.
Don't feel sorry for Adam. After one week he's already read 2/3 of Twilight, and that's probably more pages than he's read combined in the last year, so I think he likes it. :) I wish we could do the movie party together. I'm dragging Adam, Kris, and Joey along here.