Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Yesterday started off with a whimper. Literally. The dog woke Husband and I at 5:20am when he jumped on the bed in agitation. He never does that because he knows he's not allowed up there. Husband got up to take Drew potty and to find out what had scared him. Everything appeared normal until Husband noticed Drew's stomach grumbling. As soon as his stomach made a noise, he would jump up and run away from it. He didn't know what it was! Husband filled me in on the details and I happily drifted back to sleep.

It didn't last. When Husband went out to the car to leave for work, he discovered that someone broke into our car and stole the stereo, breaking the air vents in the process. Grr. I've had that car since I graduated high school and it was my first big purchase. Luckily the car suffered little other damage and the windows and door were spared. I feel violated knowing that while we slept someone robbed our car outside our window. Needless to say I woke up every time I heard a noise last night. It didn't help that the police were unwilling to do anything unless we actually saw the robbery. The most we could do was file a police report in order to deal with our insurance. Great. I'm sure those police reports really detour robbers.

After we discovered the robbery, we thought maybe Drew was scared by the burglary outside, but normally when he hears a noise outside, he barks, so I don't think he actually heard it. He confirmed my conclusion yesterday afternoon. His belly began rumbling and grumbling in earnest because he refused to eat his breakfast. With all the squeaks and growls, he started hiding behind my feet! Drew is not naturally timid, tending to be inquisitive and friendly instead, but his reaction gave me the giggles. He stuck close to me all afternoon and jumped up every time his stomach squeeked, which unfortunately for him was every few seconds. I felt sorry for him, but it was so entertaining. Even at two years old, he is such a puppy sometimes. After a bad morning, Drew managed to cheer me up as usual.

With a face like that, how could your spirits not brighten?


pierre l said...

Sorry about your car. I hope the dog isn't ill; running away from one's stomach sounds difficult.

Kristen said...

My nephew, Drew, is such a cutie. Sorry again about the Honda. :-(

JJ said...

How awful Angie. It happened to us once, years ago. I think they disliked my taste in music because they unravelled all the casettes and spread them around the interior of the car before they scarpered.

I hope Drew's tummy is okay.

Angie said...

Thanks, Pierre. He seems to be fine. It is difficult when it follows's also very funny. :)

Kristen, he is special! haha.
Thanks. *sigh*

JJ, that's terrible! It sounds like they did it for enjoyment. What total a-holes. (ahem) I just don't understand the mindset necessary to do something like that.

He's fine now. Sadly, I think it was gurgling because he wasn't eating much. Unlike most dogs, he's not that interested in food if there's something more exciting like playtime or snuggles. :)

Lane said...

That's so horrible. The miserable blighters!

Glad Drew could cheer you up. I love his orange toy:-)

Anonymous said...

How awful for your honey. Big hugst to you.


Sarah*G* said...

Sorry to hear about the car. Drew looks like a total sweetie. I'm not allowed any pets with fur. husband is allergic. I keep telling him he can take pills for it but he's having none of it!

Angie said...

Thanks guys. I was bummed, but appreciate all the cheery messages.

Lane, he's a total mood-lifter, especially with his orange baby.

Thanks for the lovely hugs, Hulla.

Sarah, my husband is mildly allergic too, but manages to deal with it for the dog (though not for cats, lol). The smaller size helps too.