Wednesday, February 25, 2009

February Ups and Downs

Lately I've been feeling a bit down, but I'm chalking it up to the February Blues. This is my least favorite month. It's cold without the benefit of Christmas or New Years, and with the dreaded Valentine's Day thrown in, it always seems to go awry. Thankfully it will be over soon.

I tend to blog less during these periods because I hate writing depressing posts. In fact, I think I'll add pictures from my recent trip to Maui to cheer things up:
Top Left: Chang Beach in Wailea, the site of the wedding. Top Right: Sunset from Haleakala. (Incidentally, the temperature dropped 40 degrees as we drove up Haleakala, which is at 10,000 feet elevation.) Bottom Left: A Humpback Whale slapping its tail, as seen on our snorkeling cruise. Bottom Right: Entrance to the Bamboo Forest where we hiked on the road to Hana.

Anyway, the editing has been a roller coaster ride lately. Some days I inch along and feel like my book will never meet it's full potential, while other days I'm excited about my story and get pages and pages done. I think I pulled myself out of the dumps by creating a new 'plan' for the second draft completion, although it doesn't scare all the bad editing days away. I shy away from announcing my goals so loudly, but I think it might motivate me if I share it with you. I'm aiming to complete the second draft on April 3rd, which just happens to be the day after my birthday. Hopefully I'll be celebrating double that weekend. I am planning a third draft, but hopefully it won't take nearly as long as the first or second.

On another note, I still have slots open for the Pay It Forward gesture and would love to have people participate. The first three who agree to 'pay it forward' and sign up in the comments on that post will receive a gift from me.


JJ said...

Oh and it has cheered me up. Thank you. I hope it has you too. Hugs for feeling a bit down, but I think you're right about Feb. I definitely felt that way in the UK. The picture of the bamboo forest is just like the forest I was in at the weekend.

Aspiring Writer said...

It's a lovely summer here in New Zealand, although it get's a bit moody and decides to rain, or you're pulling out the woolly duvet, next. Anyway, it's lovely now. I am sorry to hear you're feeling a bit low. We all have our moments, I suppose. Just wanted to give a virtual hug :-) and to say good luck with completing your draft by April. I'm on my third draft and it's been a year and a half since I started. It feels such a long haul but worth it in the end, I'm sure. So chin up and keep at it. Take care. Love the photos by the way.

Angie said...

JJ, yay, I'm glad it cheered you! And thanks for the hugs. :) Only two days til March...
The bamboo forest was fascinating and so different from anything I've ever seen here.

Aspiring, I'd guess February is a favorite month on your side of the world, a bit like July here. Thanks for the hug and the good luck, I need them both.
Sadly I'm on my second draft and it's been 2.5 years, but I'm a slow, meticulous writer and I can't seem to change that. I do think the third will be the final draft for me, which is good. The long haul is worth it if you get the story right and you're happy with the outcome. Cheers.

Aspiring Writer said...

Hi Angie,
It's interesting to see how we all work in our various ways. I can see myself spending another year on the story, possibly longer, another draft or two. I am pretty slow and meticulous myself, but this is a good thing. BTW, I have nominated you for a blogger's award! When you get a chance please pop over and collect. Thank you.

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

It sounds like a good time to go for a run. I bet that will pick up your spirits.

Angie said...

Aspiring, I think that's something you learn as you write your first novel - no two writers go about it in the same way. It would be nice if there were a blueprint though. ;)
Thanks for the lovely award!

Chad, that's a good reminder. Running always puts me in a better mood, but I haven't been very dedicated lately. I need to work it back into my schedule.