Thursday, April 09, 2009


April showers bring May flowers, or so 'they' say. Our flowers began blooming last weekend when it was gloriously sunny, but spring showers followed nonetheless, bringing along overcast skies and darkened mornings.

Husband's jasmine is blooming on the patio, leaving a gorgeous aroma outside, and I've put a cluster of daffies on the table to brighten up my writing area. I love daffodils. They add a small dose of sunshine and cheer.

We spent last weekend in a flurry of spring cleaning, and since we didn't finish, the remnants are piled here and there, disrupting our space and forcing us to attack the remainder of the cleaning next weekend. I finally worked up the stamina to clear my closet, dresser, and even (*gasp*) my shoe and bag collections. I come from a family of hoarders, so I always feel satisfied when I remove unnecessary clutter.

Speaking of unnecessary clutter, I'm making progress (however slowly) through my edit. I'm on chapter 10 of 15, and I distilled the first three pages of this chapter into three post-it notes, which was satisfying. I also cut a few pages entirely. The pages look like a bloody mess, but hopefully the aggressive cuts will improve the writing and the story.


Hullaballoo said...

We are doing a massive easter clear out today. It is satisfying, isn't it.

I adore jasmine, especially when mixed with orange oil as a perfume. I am really pleased that my easter cactus has begun to flower. It is the one plant that has survived all the chaos and upheaval of the past year, so it is very precious.

Happy easter and hope you editing goes well.xx

Alexa said...

We're doing a massive clear out too, of what will be the bay's room. I'm not looking forward to it, the nesting instinct hasn't kicked in yet :)

Well done on your spring cleaning and edits.

Happy Easter

Lane said...

Clear outs are so satisfying.

Well done on the courageous editing. That's some achievement.

Happy Easter m'dear:-)

Angie said...

Hulla, love the new Blogger pic!
It's very satisfying to clear out junk. I ended up getting rid of two big boxes and a few bags full.
Jasmine makes a gorgeous perfume; I also like mixing it with vanilla. The easter cactus sounds nice. I can't keep plants alive, but luckily husband has a green thumb.
Happy Easter and Cheers to you. xx

Alexa, good luck with the clear out. I bet the nesting kicks in once it starts looking like the baby's room. :)
Thanks, and Happy Easter.

Lane, very satisfying (once you're done, of course)!
Thanks, lovely, and Happy Easter to you as well.