Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I'm a bad blogger. I keep meaning to post writing updates; I often have random ideas and think, "Hey, that would be a good post." But I don't get around to it.

We entered our 'busy season' early last month, and I'm trying to keep my head above water. We made it through the spring birthday season (Husband and I, plus two parents, a grandma, a brother-in-law, and numerous friends) and mother's day. On the writing front, I submitted short pieces to four separate journals and attended two events in San Francisco by the HCNC for my research. (At the second event I chaperoned a survivor, which was an honor and a great experience. A story I wanted to share, but alas, the moment is gone.)

But soon we enter the real pandemonium.

In three weeks we're heading home for a long weekend, which will include sister C's 18th birthday, sister A's baby shower (which I'm helping to plan), a graduation and graduation party. When we return, we have a wedding and baby shower the same afternoon. July brings my baby niece, a wedding and sister B's birthday (on the same day, incidentally), as well as my ten-year school reunion, which I may or may not attend.

For some reason I thought this would finally be our quiet summer. Ha!

On top of all that, Husband and I devised a new work schedule for me. I was struggling with my edits, so he created a goal-oriented incentive program to keep me on track. I work well on a deadline. My aggressive goal is to finish this revision by the end of May. (For which I will receive a nice dinner, a pair of shoes, AND a new outfit!) If I reach this goal, I will have revised over 130 pages in May. Suffice it to say, I have not slept much the past two weeks.

All of this is to tell you I am sorry for being a bad blogger, and I promise to return to some kind of regular schedule after I finish this draft. Also, I have not forgotten my pay-it-forward recipients. I am almost finished with the gifts and will have them in the mail shortly! I'm signing off for now, but hope to see everyone in blogland again soon.


Hullaballoo said...

Angie, what a wonderful incentive to achieve your goals. Your husband is lovely and so are you. All the best with your editing. xxx

JJ Beattie said...


I really understand how the moment passes... it happens with me these days. It's still great to hear it in synopsis form, so we know what you're up to!

Alexa said...

Yes the moment keeps passing me too.

I like your edit incentive, the thought that everything will stop come 4th June is spurring me on :)

Hope the edits go brilliantly and you get your lovely new things.

SueG said...

Not to worry. It's great that you're setting yourselves these goals, and that your husband is so understanding. Love the incentives!

KatW said...

Wait until my own husband that he is sadly lacking because he has provided me with no incentives and I have been working hard! Huh! I shall shame him (or try)!

Keep going with the edits. Don't worry about the blogging. There are only so many hours in a day and it sounds like your days are jam packed!

I'm really looking forward to you getting published. From what you've told us on your blog - its gonna be great!

Enjoy all your events & celebrations!
Kat :-)

Aunt Kim said...

You should just stay in Bend for part of the summer. We have a spare bedroom and we could sit here on our laptops:)

Angie said...

You are all lovely, and I appreciate that you stopped by even though I've been remiss. Thank you. xx

Hulla, thank you, I'm very excited about the incentive, it was just the thing to motivate me.

JJ, time does fly. I keep meaning to post, and the next thing I know it's been a month!

Alexa, you do have a big incentive! Thank you, it is going well and my speed has definitely improved. Fingers crossed I'll meet the goal.

Sue, it's difficult to keep to self-imposed deadlines, so it's such a help to have him involved. I think he'd edit it for me if he could. :)

Kat, you should slyly tell him about it and make him think it was his own idea to provide you with incentives!
Ah, thank you, you're sweet!

Kim, I may stay for a few weeks in order to make sure I'm there for the baby. Laptop parties sound fun. :)

Alisia Leavitt said...

Sounds like you've been busy! It'll all come together--just keep taking it one page at a time. And think of how good you'll feel once it's done!

Angie said...

Alisia, that I have! One page at a time is always a good mantra. I cannot wait for June 1 and my victorious incentive shopping. (Fingers crossed! :)