Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Falling for Fall

...all over again.

I love autumn. I think it might be my favorite season. Of course I say that with the advent of spring and summer as well. And Christmas, if it can be considered its own season. (I love the snow of December, not so much February and March, so winter is out of the running.)

With the arrival of fall, all I can think about is pumpkin food!

pumpkins Pumpkins PUMPKINS

Pumpkin scones, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin frozen yogurt and ice cream, pumpkin muffins and bread, pumpkin soup, pumpkin ravioli. Gordon Ramsay made a gorgeous pumpkin risotto the other day that had my mouth watering. (I found the recipe! Yay! Must try that next...)

My friend Kristen made a tasty pumpkin chili last night that was to die for. By the way, she just started a new blog called Frosting and Froth that focuses on food, fitness and books, where she also shares her yummy baking recipes and escapades. Check it out. She promises to try her September muffins with pumpkin puree soon!

The one thing pumpkin I don't like--brace yourself--is pumpkin pie. I didn't realize my love of pumpkins until later in life, because pumpkin pie clouded my judgment. Husband is one of the few others I know who doesn't like pumpkin pie. At Thanksgiving we have the fruit pies and the chocolate pie to ourselves, which is brilliant. However, we've discovered that we love pumpkins in just about every other form.

My love of fall foods doesn't end with pumpkins however. I've also developed a love for gourds. There, I've said it. Gourds. Particularly butternut squash. (And did I mention pumpkins?) And also sweet potatoes. None of these foods graced my family table growing up, so I've discovered them slowly over the years, and it's as if a gorgeous autumnal veil has been lifted from my eyes. Behold baked sweet potatoes (with marshmallows if I'm being naughty)! Butternut squash soup! Sweet potato fries! Butternut squash ravioli!

Oddly enough, despite this obsession with fall (and pumpkins), it's ridiculously hot outside, so I can't dive into the baking. It was 95 here yesterday, and today promises a high of 91. I think the autumn season became confused because it's late. I hope it arrives soon. I can't wait for the changing leaves and the arrival of gorgeous fall bounty at the market.

But while I wait, does anyone have any pumpkin recipes they'd like to share?


Kristen @ said...

Gourds gourds gourds gourds gourds!

Kristen @ said...

P.S. Thanks for the blog shout-out.

JJ Beattie said...

I love autumn too. It's orange and it's my birthday: what more could I want?

And, I totally and utterly ADORE butternut squash... yes, and pumpkin. Yum.

Rebecca said...

pumpkin pie - so is it a savoury or sweet dish?

(and I'd be happy to email the scone recipe to you if you like - just let me know)

Angie said...

Kristen, so yummy, but such a weird word! Love your blog and thought I should share the love. :)

JJ, an autumn birthday sounds fab! (I'm a spring girl.) My alma mater's color is orange, so I'm quite fond as well!
Now I just need to acquire more skill--and recipes--in cooking both of them. ;)

Rebecca, it's a sweet dish, but I don't like it because it's a bit spicy...not hot spicy, but pumpkin pie spice is a bit heavy handed on the nutmeg and clove (my opinion, most will disagree), both of which I love, but in small quantities. I do recommend you try it though since it's quite popular.

Oh! I would LOVE the recipe. Thanks! :)

Angie said...

p.s. I found some pumpkin spice coffee yesterday, which I promptly purchased. My house smells like coffee and pumpkins today. Yummy!

Zmunda said...

I LOVE fall too! I love gourds, I love pumpkins and am giddy over the prospect of so many wonderful fall dishes, including pumpkin pie ;)

Angie said...

Zmunda, I love your ideas about a fall wedding. Very cool and unique. You are my inspiration to try pumpkin pie make it sounds so divine. :)