Monday, April 19, 2010

Reading and Spamming

If you haven't already picked up a copy of Sherman Alexie's The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, I can't recommend it enough. I finished reading last night, and immediately wanted to share it with friends who haven't read it.

For some reason, this book kept bringing to mind Portnoy's Complaint, one of my faves, and another story about growing up on the fringe of American society. The books are very distinct--the narrators are from different ethnic backgrounds and come from disparate socioeconomic groups--and yet they still speak to universal truths. Love, acceptance, loss, coming of age. This book made me laugh and cry within the span of a page. Junior encounters so much heartbreak, but at the end he holds on to hope and humor. Although categorized as YA, Alexie's book will entertain and charm young and old alike.

This morning I sat down to start work on editing (and to post this blog), and was greeted with a spam message in my personal email account...sent from my general email account. Apparently I wanted to share viagra and cheap prescription meds from Canada with every single person I've ever had email contact with. Aren't I lovely?

I use a mac, so I haven't dealt with viruses and other garbage for the last few years, but this one worried me. My virus scan came up clean, which is good, but I don't know whether my account was hacked or whether a spammer stole my address and made it look like the emails were sent from me (though they were in my sent mail...). Still feeling a little on edge. Technology can be so cool, but it sucks that someone can access so much personal information like that.


Rebecca said...

I loved that book too. LOVED.
That spamming thing is scary - I don't understand it at all which makes it even scarier - I should probably get myself informed.

Zmunda said...

I got to listen to him read excerpts and discuss his novel at an event I did last year (Nature of Words) and he is AMAZING.

Sorry about the security breech babe!

Angie said...

Rebecca, it was fantastic and now I can't wait to explore his others.
The spamming thing was scary. I hate that people can take advantage in that way, and you can only do so much to stop it. Luckily, no more breaches since then.

Zmunda, ah, so jealous. I saw you were doing that event and it looked so cool! Why didn't they have those events when we were younger? ;)
Thanks, lovely!