Thursday, July 28, 2005

14 and counting!

Hello again everyone.

Sorry it took me so long to get this latest post up, but at least I finally did it!
Last weekend was our "easy" run - we were supposed to run 6-8 miles - however we actually took it really easy because my shin was quite sore, and Adam burnt himself badly lying out by the pool on Saturday. Ah the California life ;)
Two weekends ago, on July 16, we did a 14 mile run. Ouch! We had to run bright and early once more, and since the run was in Santa Cruz, which is 30 minutes south of us, we had to get up even earlier. We never get to sleep in on the weekends anymore! *sigh* However, we are very proud of ourselves because we’ve both surpassed our personal distance records: Adam passed his (~7 miles) over a month ago, and I passed mine (13 miles) in Santa Cruz. Hurray!
Our 14-miler took us by the Natural Bridges State Park, along the boardwalk, and into a residential area of Santa Cruz (that was quite boring and hilly!). Since it was so early it was foggy for most of the run, which kept us nice and cool. We both felt great the first 12 miles, but the last two were killer – my legs felt like they were hamburger. Now we just need to add 12 more miles to that run and we’ll be there! Ah!
Adam was pleased that they finally had gummy bears on our pit stop. We’re learning how to eat while we run, which is fun but tricky. Only runners get to eat while they workout! Woo hoo.
This weekend we’re planning to do 16 miles in San Francisco, which will be quite a challenge. The route we are taking follows part of our marathon course, so it will be a good chance to get a feel for the running conditions. Wish us luck.

‘Til next time – Cheers!
Angie & Adam

Santa Cruz Natural Bridges State Beach:

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