Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Almost halfway - 12 miles

Hello everyone! I wanted to post our first update to let you know how our training is going. We've been officially training with Team In Training (TNT) for just over a month, though technically we started upping our mileage on our own in March.

Our training is going really well. Even though the marathon is 3 months away, we're almost running half the distance. On Sunday morning, we got up bright and early (ie 6am - *ugh*), to drive up the peninsula--for the non-bay area folks, the peninsula is the strip of land between San Jose and San Francisco--for a 12-mile run with our team. The run was on a nice trail in San Mateo (north of Palo Alto, where I work) called the Sawyer Camp Trail. Unlike San Jose, which was bright and sunny by 6:30, San Mateo had a nice bit of morning fog, which was much more pleasant for running a long distance. The trail stretches from the shores of Crystal Springs Reservoir through protected San Francisco Watershed lands over the San Andreas faultline and ends at San Andreas Lake. During my run I saw three deer - including a cute baby! That's a big improvement over the trail next to our apartment, where we've run into skunks on the past two runs!

If you want to see the trail we ran, here's the link:

We'll update you with more soon. This weekend we should be running 14 miles!

~Angie (& Adam)
Only 14.2 miles to go...

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