Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Is Yarwood Court British enough for you?

This weekend we put down a deposit for a condo in the "really promising" complex that I mentioned last week. We don't sign the paperwork until next Thursday, so for now we're sitting tight and waiting. It's a new apartment conversion so *everything* in it is brand new, which will be a welcome change for us. Our apartments have always been well-located but with a lot of "character" (aka. old and pretty crappy). The complex has two pools and hottubs, as well as two fitness centers. There is a lot of grass and trees, so it will be a peaceful location and nice for little Drew to play. The downside is that we won't get it until probably mid-November (but we'll find out for sure next week), AND we have to officially move to San Jose. Campbell is only about 3 miles away, but we can no longer claim it. I do think the street name is rather quaint though, don't you?

Here are some pictures of the "model" one-bedroom to give you an idea what it will look like:

The kitchen (above left), the walk-in closet! (above right), and the living room with the balcony (right)

And on another topic...I'm slowly getting back into my writing again. The past month has been a nightmare for writing time with our travels, the funeral, and the apartment/condo searching. I have also been working on a freelance job since Stephanie left, which I finished yesterday, so I haven't had much extra time. Today was the first day that I had no outside tasks, so I'm finally getting back down to business and enjoying it immensely, though admittedly I did spend some time vigorously looking for something else to do. Luckily I eventually failed and started writing. Hopefully I can create a good schedule again and not derail it too much when we move. I will also have to learn how to incorporate Drew's schedule into my own. ;)

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