Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Just Kidding...

The usual combination of Merrill and Michaelis luck kicked in this week. We went to sign the contract for our condo last Thursday, and everything went fairly well, except that they told us we would have to wait at least 60 days to move in. The sales lady was not authorized to give us any specific details, so we had to wait to hear back from the manager for a more exacting timeline. Meanwhile, we went to check on our unit, and it was completely move-in ready! We met with the manager this weekend and she said it was move-in ready, however it would still be 60 days. The problem is that 7 units out of the total 332 have title issues and, of course, ours is one of them. The surveyor messed up and switched the lot numbers for the upstairs and downstairs units. She said normally we would just add an addendum to the contract, but in our case, the people in the downstairs unit closed escrow and moved in before they discovered the mistake, so it would require a much more complicated measure to change the contract and title. *sigh* The manager felt bad for putting us in this position, and in a strange twist of fate, she offered to put us into another unit. Most of the available units would take 60 days anyway because they haven't finished their remodeling, however one of the units from our release had become available because the person holding it backed out. It just happened to be our first choice from that release because it was the only first floor upgrade unit. Unfortunately, they were offering it for about $8k more and they didn't feel bad enough to give us the same price. ;) It's still below our target price though, so that's not really a big deal. It's also in a slightly better location in the complex being nearer to the pool and fitness center (but not so near as to be loud) and it's across the street from a small school. The good news is that we can close in about 30 days and therefore get Drew in mid-November when Kristi and Doug come down for the game. Bad news: 50 more pages of contract signing this week. Yuck. As you can see, our luck is always weird. Not necessarily good or bad, but just plain strange.

Writing Update

On the writing front, I'm struggling with a difficult plot point in my novel because I'm trying to complete some historical research so I can nail down the details, but having a hard time finding the specific information that I want.

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