Friday, March 23, 2007

Alright Alright

Okay, sorry for no post yesterday. I miss one day and I'm already getting hate mail! Okay, I got one email asking what happened, but still. Nothing too exciting happened yesterday, and I was going to post last night, but the Husband was using my computer, so it was a no go.

I left Drew home alone again yesterday so I could run some pre trip errands. I was gone for an hour, and although he's still really whiny, he did pretty good. Although, he did tear down his bell and rip the arms off (that hold it on the doorknob). I figured out how to fix it, but being really crafty and all, it's still sitting on the counter because I need to sew it back together. Hmm. If you know me, you'll know this is a bigger problem than it seems. I do have a sewing machine, but I've never used it so I'm not even sure it works and if it does I'm not sure how. I know the cord was missing for awhile, and then it was found, but where I've put it may be a mystery. (I didn't buy the machine, if you are wondering, it was given to me by my grandma.) I've used my mom's and my mother-in-law's before, but I had them coaching so that was different. For instance, I don't even know how to thread the machine. Doesn't seem too hard, but I wouldn't put it past myself to screw it up. I may venture to pull down the machine this afternoon and see if I can't figure this out. (It's better than testing it on the seam hole in one of my favorite shirts that's been waiting since September, right? Usually I just pay to get that stuff done, but last time I was lucky and my bf's mama helped me out.) For now, Drew hits the doorstopper and it makes an annoying "thwack" whenever he needs to go, so we'll see how long I can stand that before the machine comes down. Wish me luck.

Bought some new "practical" shoes yesterday...I've been searching for black t-strap wedges for ages and finally found some basic comfy ones. (wedges=comfort and height! Hurrah!) As usual I second-guessed myself as soon as I got out of the store, so I'll be wearing them around the house today to make sure I like them. Stupid buyer's remorse. I was sad though because I found this gorgeous pair of heels weeks ago, but they didn't have my size and I didn't have money so I went back yesterday with b'day money to see if they'd got any new shipments (nope), then I went to another store and still no heels. I don't wear heels much these days because they bother my hips too much, but these were comfy, a fabulous color, peep toe, and would match all my nice dresses for the four weddings I have this summer. I must find them! I MUST!

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Kristen said...

Hoorah for finding your heels at the third Marshalls you visited last night! And no worries about the lack of sewing skills. You know I'm right there with ya.