Friday, March 23, 2007

Laugh it up kids

I'm just going to say right now that Kris will definitely make fun of me for this post, but whatever, here it goes. I've started to get excited for Vegas tomorrow. Seems normal, yes? No, I've been anxious about it for the last two weeks. I couldn't figure out why: it's a vacation, time alone, people love Vegas, etc, etc. Then I realized a few nights back that I'm anxious because we don't have a plan. I realize that not all vacations need to be planned out, but I'm a planner, that's what I do. When we go to Europe, at the very least we have an outline of things that must be seen, otherwise, you waste time and miss what's important. And if we were going to a beach, I'd know the plan was to lay on it and enjoy myself. We're not planning on laying by the pool in Vegas though. And we don't really gamble, so what are we going to do with ourselves? I tried to find a good show, but the Husband wasn't too interested. I tried to book a celebrity-chef restaurant, but again he could care less. I wish I knew how to go and just relax and let things happen as they do, but as some of you know, that is not my strong point. But, hurrah, there is a plan now! A friend of the Husband went to Vegas last weekend and told him about a cool German restaurant/beer hall. Adam loves all things German so he was interested: "He said it's by Hard Rock Cafe, and it's called Hof-something."
"Hofbrau?" I asked, amused.
"You've heard of it?"
"Um, no, I just know hofbrau is a word." (Cute boy loves all things German but doesn't know a word. Okay, he knows one, auf wiedersehen, or does that count as two? ;)) So, I went online, found it and snagged us some resies for his b'day tomorrow night. Yay! It does look really cool by the way. Like all things Vegas, it is very over the top. It's an exact replica of the Hofbrauhaus in Munich, basically the original beer house built in 1589. Check it out: Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas

And since I said "plans" as in multiple...I found a creperie at Paris Las Vegas, and crepes are his absolute favorite breakfast (which I haven't quite mastered yet), so we'll go there Sunday morning. No worries about surprises, he doesn't read the blog anyway. Actually, I'm excited to shop a little at Le Boulevard at Paris Las Vegas. It looks pretty sweet and very French, which I like. So at least two plans after all.

Oh, speaking of Germans, when I was looking for a good show to see, I noticed that The Producers is in Vegas right now and I thought that would be a good one to see, except that David Hasselhoff stars in it, and I'm just not sure I could take him seriously. Really, why do the Germans love him?


Adam said...

This sounds like fun! I'm now even more excitd for my birthday. Angie might not of had any plans for my birthday...but I sure do!!

Joseph R. Ruthruff said...

bah! you don't need any plans for a Vegas trip. With the gambling, eating, drinking, and visiting shiny bright casinos, you should just wing it!

Joseph R. Ruthruff said...

well, that said, don't get arrested, and don't pick up any diseases. k? k.

Kristen said...

Me? Make fun? NEVER!

Mmm. Crepes...

And don't hate on the Hoff! Baywatch RULES!!!