Thursday, March 08, 2007

Balls-less and out on the town

Well, I'm getting my first full day out of the house in months because the little boy, otherwise known as our dog Drew, is getting neutered today. And I just have to say, why is it that when you mention getting a male dog fixed, all boys say "Oh, poor boy! How mean," and then make some mention of how sad they feel for the poor dog because he won't have his balls anymore? Would they like it better if I left my dog whole (so to speak) and let him mark their house and hump their leg instead? When a female dog gets fixed, nobody makes a big deal of it other than to ask how the surgery went, when in fact, spaying is more invasive than neutering. I mentioned this to the husband and he just rolled his eyes at me. Boys! Anyway, as is usual, Drew started shaking as soon as we pulled into the parking lot--and no, not because he understood what was happening--because he's terrified of me leaving him. Not Adam. Me. Funny how the girl who previously didn't even like dogs (put away the pitchforks, it's perfectly normal!) now has a dog with separation anxiety. He did okay in the clinic, but he kept barking his little high-pitched scared bark, which is not only embarassing, but annoying as well. I just hope they can get his heart rate down enough to give him the anesthesia.

Since I essentially have the day off to work freely, I'm out enjoying the chance to write in coffeeshops again. Should I feel guilty that I'm enjoying myself at the expense of the dog? I don't feel guilty exactly, but I was very nervous when I left him because there is a teensy weensy tiny chance he could not come out of the anesthesia. Humans have the same chances, but it just scared me to hear it, even though it's a simple operation and the odds are in his favor. Oi vey, I'm becoming attached to this dog like he is my little furry child! Anyway, now that I'm not so nervous, I really should get to all the writing I was planning on doing at the coffeeshop. Fun fun.


Kristen said...

We've discussed this. Doggie balls are unnecessary and rather hideous. I say, snip snip!

Joseph R. Ruthruff said...

There are too many stupid dogs out there, and Drew seems like a smart one. His balls are more valuable inside his sack than outside.