Wednesday, March 07, 2007

So proud!

Now that the blog officially has two regular readers--ahem, make that three if twisting your husband's arm while forcing him in front of the computer counts--I'd like to announce how I am so proud of myself. I just taught Drew, in 30 minutes no less, how to play dead. Woo hoo! Now when I make a gun with my hand and say "bang! you're dead" he rolls over on his side and lays there waiting for his praise. So ridiculously cute. And you thought I wasn't writing, er, wait, yeah need to get back to writing now.


Joseph said...

I hadn't noticed the link to my web page until Kris showed me. ;) Thanks for the shout-out! Although, I should mention that, instead of linking to that web page, you could link to my new blog instead. ;) Yes, that's right: inspired by you, I'm trying this. Now you have something else to be proud of.

Kristen said...

I will HAVE to see this trick when we get back to Cali. Sounds ridiculously cute.