Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Right, so random postings today. Ah well, I know that's what you come for anyway, my random stories and not my novel updates, which are easily checked by my mood-showing tracker to the right. (Note: I am shooting for much more than 50,000 words, but this cute tracker only comes with 50K, and I have to have a cute mood-showing tracker!) If you haven't already received the email yet, the googlers among you will be happy to know that the husband has decided to join the 21st century by getting a gmail account. After months of not receiving emails in his yahoo--especially from me (hmm, does yahoo have a nag-detecting software now?)--he decided that perhaps he should make the big switch. Okay, there's really only one real googler among you, and I hope you noticed I called attention to you over there -->. And you can't be mad that I called you a geek because, well, after your high score on the geek test it's not longer a hypothesis, it's a fact.

[Note: My link to his page used to refer to him as a geek, but no longer does. Just wanted to clarify in case of confusion. ;)]


Joseph said...

34% isn't too bad... that's still failing in schools! So, really, I failed the geek test, just not as poorly as others.

Kristen said...

Baby. You're a geek. A geek I love, but a geek regardless.

Love you, Ang! Keep blogging!