Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Eh, nothing interesting to post about today, but I feel obliged since I'm trying this new-post-every-day crap, and also because Joey loyally reads it. Almost choked in my sleep last night when I coughed so hard that I dislodged my coughdrop from its safe spot in my cheek and into my throat instead. Good thing it didn't get too stuck, because the hubby never heard a thing while I was hacking, so I can't count on him for the heimlich!
Meanwhile, 24 seems to be following very closely in season 2's footsteps...President Palmer hesitates to suspend civil liberties so he must be removed and replaced by an evil vice president with a deep breathy voice, meanwhile the terrorists (yay, they're not just picking on Arabs anymore, they've gone back to the old enemies the Russians!) set off a nuclear bomb. Really, there are very few differences except that Kim is not off gallavanting with mountain lions in order to cock-up the plot...actually, she's not in this season at all which is the main difference.
Well, as they say, that's all folks!


Joseph said...

Angie! If Kim comes back this season then I'm blaming you! :p

Joseph said...

(I'd blame you for jinxing it, in case that wasn't clear ;))

Kristen said...

Ross misses Kim, but screw him cause I can't stand the chic and Ross likely never reads your blog. In the off chance that he does...forgive me, Pastor, for I have sinned.