Thursday, March 01, 2007

Novel writing and shoes

Yesterday was my first post in a long, long while. It seems no one reads the blog, and since I am now using it as a forum to do non-novel-related writing, I thought it might be more distracting rather than helpful to update it regularly. But alas, I feel the need to have a regular non-novel writing pursuit, so here I am again.

Speaking of the novel, I'm sure it's time for an update. I did not successfully complete NaNoWriMo, but that's no matter since I did get some productive writing done--which was the actual point--and because my main inhibitors were buying our condo and getting our dog, which are two very good excuses. Not to mention the fact that writing 50,000 words in one month is bloody difficult and more than a little bit insane. What was I thinking? I did come up with a tentative, though likely permanent, title for the novel: At the End of Silence, which I rather like. Last week I wrote a draft of the section that really touches on the title, but like most of the writing it is in a very rough form right now. I do actually have more words than my little word-tracker claims, but much of it is in notebooks untyped, so I refuse to actually count those words by hand. I update whenever I type up new sections. I have been writing mostly long-hand because I seem to feel more creative, and because it prevents me from delving into the editing immediately, though I'd like to switch to writing on my laptop because it is more efficient.

On a non-writing related subject, Drew for the first time decided to do the horrible doggy-habit of chewing on shoes. We've never had this problem, but today while I was in the shower, he decided to chew on my danskos. My favorite, most expensive pair of shoes. Not the cheap $15 Payless shoes sitting right next to them. Or the $10 pair of slippers next to those. No, my favorite, I-wear-every-single-day-outside-of-summer shoes. And I can't afford more right now. Grr. I was so mad I started crying, which made him upset because he doesn't like it when I cry. Well, that sure showed him, didn't it! *sigh* It doesn't help that I came down with a nasty little cold and sore throat last night either. He has impeccable timing. Luckily, the sweet husband came home for lunch bearing chicken noodle soup, sprite, and a promise to take the shoes to the cobbler because he thinks they are fixable. Drew is lucky daddy stepped in, or I might have traded him in for a cat! J/K, of course.

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Joseph said...

the novel title sounds cool... can't wait to read some of it! as for drew, isn't shoe manners one of the first things a Merrill/Michaelis teaches their dog?